Become a Vendor

Why not turn your caravan into a source of income for when you are not using it? Caravans, which everyone sees as a temple and perhaps does not want to share with people they do not know, turn into a business line under conditions that protect both the vehicle owner and the tenant, with the guarantee of Karavano.

How Does It Work?

Why Should I Work with Karavano?


  Should I Trust the Karavano?

There are two types of members who want to rent a car and caravan owners created through Karavano. These are reviewed by the site on the basis of their reliability and reality during the membership stage and approved if found appropriate. In addition, each type of profile will be mutually scored after each trip. In other words, since these profile scores will be created objectively by people who have traveled through our site themselves, you will be able to make your reservations based on the comments of people who have had experience with our site before.

  When will the payment be credited to my account?

By the electronic payment system that we partner with as Karavano; Your reservation payment is automatically deposited to the bank account you have registered in the system the day following the day it is made in the system.

  How much authority do I have to lease my vehicle?

The basis of the Karavano family is completely freedom! You can rent your car by determining all the conditions such as only when you are not using it or for every period of the year, price, number of people to stay, availability calendar, caravan usage rules, and most importantly, reservation acceptance and cancellation.

  Why Should I Prefer Karavano?

Karavano aims to make your work easier by gathering this first and most challenging step of your holiday on a single platform, with the most suitable vehicle options that will meet your needs, the closest to your location, and the maximum vehicle options you can choose.